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Service Center Testimonials

We went out of our way to come to Spartan because they know the chassis better than any other service center and because they do good work.

Fred S.
Montgomery, TX

Had my front axle upgraded from 14,600 lbs. to 16,600 lbs. I highly recommended the upgrade—the braking is far superior to the 14,600 axle. Had my shocks change over to the Koni Shocks. The ride is unbelievable. Everyone should consider the 44-point inspection, especially if you’re under warranty. Kim & Chris are great people to work with. They are definitely there to help the customer.

Joseph & Laura B.
Grandville, NV

Great staff. Spartan Chassis’ simple 44-point inspection discovered two problems (suspension and steering) that could have become major problems later. Good work!

Murray F.
Creemore, ON

My coach is 9 years old and I have been to Spartan 7 times for routine maintenance, need I say more?

Larry G.
Anchorage, AK

Family–like staff, quality work and reasonable rates; Spartan has it all. Thanks for maintaining this high standard we’ve come to depend on.

Rick & Bev D.
Cincinnati, OH

After the 44-point inspection, air ride adjustment and wheel alignment, this coach rides and handles better than ever. Thanks to all of the techs who provided their expert repairs.

Lloyd H. M.
Chesapeake, MD