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Metro Star 4x4

Continuing the long tradition of developing chassis to meet and exceed the demands of fire departments, Spartan Chassis is proud to introduce the Metro Star 4x4 Chassis, featuring an EPA 2013 certified Cummins ISL 450 hp diesel engine and the always reliable Allison 3000EVS transmission. Together, this powertrain pushes the Metro Star 4x4 Chassis to 35mph in just 14 seconds. This is a highly capable, single axle, off-road chassis that is designed to handle a GVWR of up to 53,500 pounds, making this 4x4 configurable to many types of apparatus by the body manufacturer.


The capabilities of this new Metro Star 4x4 Chassis do not end there. This 4x4 can step over most obstacles easily with an approach angle of 20° and a ground clearance of 16". If driving over an obstacle is not an option, the Metro Star 4x4 Chassis is exceptionally nimble with a cramp angle of 34°, which far exceeds the NFPA 1901 minimum requirement. Add the Advanced Protection System to this 4x4 and it can quickly get on-scene SAFELY just about anywhere this Metro Star 4x4 Chassis might be needed.

Specification NFPA 1901 Requirement 4x4
Ground Clearance >=8" 16"
Approach Angle (front) 20°
Acceleration (level road) 0 to 35 mph within 25 seconds 14 seconds
Cramp Angle (drive axle) 20° 34°