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Spartan offers high weight capacity chassis to withstand heavy-duty applications such as aerials and pumpers.

Front Axle: Up to 24,000 lb.
Rear Axle: Up to 63,000 lb.


Spartan offers the most powerful, diesel engine options in the industry.
Engines available up to 600 hp.


When buying an emergency rescue vehicle, the importance of maneuverability is often overlooked. Spartan offers the tightest control and the most maneuverable chassis on the market.


Spartan’s emergency rescue cab and chassis have a heightened level of control and maneuverability due to a wide range of IFS and Beam suspension offerings. Both systems are ideal for carrying the heaviest of or varying loads and help reduce steering effort. Feel at ease knowing you can get to the fire quickly, while maneuvering safely through crowded intersections and tight corners.

Turning Radius

The cramp angles on the Metro Star & Gladiator range up to 55°, making these cabs and chassis easier to maneuver through crowded city streets.

Independent Front Suspension>