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Sales Training Conference 2014

Not only are attendees able to get a glimpse of the company’s upcoming innovations slated for 2014, but the participants also interact directly with Spartan Chassis decision makers and suppliers to further improve the company’s voice of the market/customer procedure.

STC 2014
STC 2014: Tour
STC 2014: Awards


2013 FDIC
2013 STC
2012 FDIC
2012 FDIC - R XO
2012 FDIC - APS


Advanced Protection System
Metro Star 4x4
Metro Star®
Metro Star®-X


Intro w/ Art Ickes
1. Pin-up
2. Engine Set
3. Cab Set
4. Pit
5. Inspection
6. Cut & Weld
7. Paint
8. Trim Line
9. Wiring & Testing


Fort Worth Fire
Adjusting Tire Pressure
Truly Special


1. Intro and Pinup
2. Engine Set
3. Tires and Wheels
4. Dyno Testing
5. Pit
Defense Production
Employee Appreciation - Aug 2014