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Extended Family

When you buy a Spartan chassis, you're getting more than just backbone and brawn. On top of industry-leading performance and progressive engineering, you're getting connected. Spartan owners are considered a part of our family, and our owners' community is vibrant and growing.

Spartan actively encourages the organizations that keep RV'ing fun and inclusive. To that end, we're proud to support the Family Motorcoach Association, our coach manufacturer's owner's clubs, as well as our very own Spartan Chassis International Club.

Quality and Durability

Spartan is committed to engineering and sourcing high quality component parts that combine together to create a reliable, better wearing, and longer-lasting chassis.

Each Spartan chassis is built by hand, with exacting standards alongside the highest quality components engineered to out perform and out last, no matter where the road ahead may lead.

Safety and Innovation

Spartan is committed to developing chassis boasting industry-leading innovations that keep drivers and passengers safe, so you can focus on the ride ahead.

We're continually monitoring our drivers' experience, keeping a watchful eye on safety advances inside and outside our industry, and pushing the envelope ourselves to deliver the type of continuous improvements and groundbreaking designs that create a better customer experience over time.

Superior Ride & Handling

Riding on a Spartan feels different for a reason. From race-inspired shocks to heavy-duty axles, all the way to Spartan's wider stouter stance, Spartan chassis were made to handle, not to be babied through corners and twisty terrain.

Owners and test drivers alike say they can "feel the difference" of a Spartan, the minute they take the wheel. They say Spartans don't push and roll over through the corners. They say the handling is dependable, stable, and better performing through tight turns and winding roads. Spartan drivers say they're just more confident. Now, that's a difference you can feel.

Service and Support

From Spartan's network of over 550 authorized service centers spanning the United States and Canada, to our always-available telephone support staff, to the industry's most comprehensive owners' training programs, Spartan's commitment to keeping our owners on the road, confident, and content is our top priority.

Better, safer ride, over the long haul

K3GTRiding on the industry's best Class A motorhome chassis means something more. From a superior ride to better handling, coach owners who choose a Spartan chassis can "feel the difference" from the first time they take the wheel. Motorcoaches riding on Spartan chassis offer a smoother, safer ride, combined with the hallmarks of quality and durability that last the lifetime of the RV.

More access, better service and support

We consider Spartan owners to be a part of our family. We enhance our owners' experience with accessible training, a wide-reaching owners network, and over 550 authorized service centers across North America. No matter where you're at in your travels, the Spartan support network is never more than a phone call or a click away, and is available 24/7/365.

Enhanced reputation

Visit your local Spartan dealer and take a test drive. We're confident you'll "feel the difference" too.